Setsuko Maho is a self-taught Japanese artist and printmaker based in London since 2013. In that time she’s been exploring the range of possibilities, techniques and methods available in screen-printing to produce artwork that fascinates. Sudden intuition and fleeting emotions from everyday life inspires her work; these artworks are a diary of her memories. She expresses her feelings of a particular moment by collage; using colours and shapes to create an abstract monotype screen print of her original patterns: to incorporate both her paintings and fabric works. She has developed a commanding use of techniques; of splashed patterns; blur and gradations of colours; with bleeding of inks to create her own style in screen-printing. This is why she is currently focused on hand printed effects – that expresses both, her process and exploration of techniques as an artist.

Instagram: @setsuko_maho


Tube Pattern

Setsuko is intrigued by the unpredictable and illimitable possibilities of form, motion and pattern of twirl from the paint as it is squeezed from a paint tube. The random nature of this action informs and the instinct to aesthetically control this, informs the patternmaking that comes from her work.