Rice Wax Candle Gift Box Set

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DAIYO Rice Wax Candle Gift Box Set: Candle (Pack of 20pcs) and a candle stand RIPPOH

Handmade Japanese candles with 100% natural rice wax


Reasonably priced yet made with 100% vegetable wax

Each piece is literally handmade by the master craftsmen at DAIYO in Shiga pref., Japan using 100% natural materials

It is said that the number of the master candle-making craftsmen counts only 10 in Japan

Burns stable and beautifully without excess dripping wax

Candle material: Rice wax, rush, Wash-paper, cotton

Candle stand: Ceramic

Made in Japan


Candle: 80mm

Duration: Approx. 40mins


Candle stand: 40 x 40 x 40mm / Black