Cutlery Rest



  • FUTAGAMI IHADA Cutlery Rest: Shooting Star (Set of 2)



  • Come in an original wooden case and packaged individually in a paper box
  • The longer it is used, the richer and aubtler it becomes
  • Material: Brass
  • Made in Japan



  • According to the Japanese food sanitaion law, the content of lead should be less than 0.1% of the volume when making tableware with copper alloy like brass, and the part of the tableware which comes in direct contact with the mouth should be coated with other metal such as silver or tin. In FUTAGAMI IHADA Cutlery series, an original compostition of "lead-free-brass" material is used to control the material workability, strength, and colour. It has no metallic taste or smell but is hygienic and beautiful coating.



  • 12 x 80 x 12mm