Liquid Foundation Brush



  • Liquid Foundation Brush (make-up brush)

Kumano-cho, Hiroshima Pref. in Japan have been the capital of brushes since 1830 and produces 80% of the brushes made in Japan for painting, writing and cosmetics.

The tips of the hand-made brushes are naturally uneven, which produces a nice and delicate contact with paper or one's face, helping to create a superb finish. Therefor, Kumano brushes are very popular among many world-renowned make-up artists.

The brushes are made with traditional technique used in making Japanese calligraphy brushes. These make up brushes are so dense that the touch in very soft and smooth that you cannot feel with any other make up brushes.

Brushes are made by hands of artisan in the Kumano area and nevre made by machines.



  • Material: Goat bristles
  • Made in Kumano-cho, Hiroshima, Japan



  • 27mm x 105mm